October Message from the President

Wow!  What an amazing month!  Time just flew by!  We have all been so busy that it all runs together.  Last week, the second week of October, it was warm and sunny.  The leaves were just turning colors in Vermont as I looked out my window on my train trip.  Now the mornings are chilly with rain and bright fall leaves.

We just finished the EXPO Center and Virginia State Fair VSQ exhibits.  A huge “Thank You” goes out to Diane and Sheila for being fearless leaders.  I hope everyone had fun.  It looks like we had lots of exposure.    We had a GREAT sales and recruit week.  Our next event will be the Suzi Perron Barn Quilt lecture and our General Meeting on October 29th at the Dorothy Hart Community Center.  This will serve as our official meeting, so we will not meet at the Lee Hill Community Center this month.  We voted to skip the November meeting as it fell on the holiday.  Heart and Soul, Quilts of Valor, and Senior workdays will share spaces on November 7th at Snow library, then again on November 28th and December 26th at the Salem Church library.  This is a lot, but I am so proud of how much “go give” you all have shown.  If you miss the fun there are plenty of opportunities.    Please see a board member, check out the newsletter and Facebook.  Call a friend and join in!  At the Fair I had the chance to meet some of our new members working at the booth: such a sweet, generous group of gals (and guys…the husbands even pitched in).      I just loved it! 

This time next year we will be having our quilt show and boutique.  Margaret and I have been recruiting and working out the details for our venues and guidelines.  It is the Year of the Train in our Chinese calendar (LOL).  It all starts here.

The 2019 VSQ Quilt Show and Fair

Just envision “Gees Bend” or “Sacred Threads” on a state level…later regional to National, 50 states and DC holding quilt shows and judging their best quilts to go to exhibit…a winner emerges with the Grand Prize.

The “Out My Window” theme includes subways, short line railways, steam, electric, private cars, museums, trolley trains, Amtrak, Acela, state trains and toy trains.  There are all kinds of trains.  Our theme refers to what you see or envision out the window of a train.  It is the newly renamed Rail Passenger Association vision to promote rail travel .  In a year when our National Rail Passenger Service (Amtrak) has seen drastic cuts to service, we want to speak volumes about how all our members and fellow quilters feel about rail travel.  Thru our love of art and fabric we are expressing our emotions and creativity.  We are raising money for our charities and finding fabulous prizes for our members!

We will have sample pictures and a theme quilt at our next meeting at the Christmas party.  We have two size categories.  Our “Under 40” group will be the challenge wall art.  The size must fit under 40 inches in both height or length.  The full size categories will be any size from Baby to King.  We will be cataloging the quilts so the deadline to submit them all in will be before August 30, 2019.  We will be putting out more info as we finish the plans.  Start Your Engines!  What do you see “Out My Window”?  Maybe your only trip on a train was at the zoo.  Can you see yourself on a two-week adventure to see the Redwoods in California or the Dale Chilui museum in Seattle?  What You Dream You Can Achieve!

I hope you all get a chance to join us with the Stafford Piecemakers Guild on              October 29th to Suzi Perron and her husband a big “Welcome to Virginia”!!  We have the opportunity to engage our community with this lecture and The Barn Quilt Trails!

Please call Penny R. (540-903-1455) or Tina Evans-Zooks (540-834-8034) to sign up for Hospitality.  We have great talent in our guild.  I hope to share that from our front porch to our back yard.  

From the Board.  We hope to see you all soon.

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