Virginia Star Quilt Guild is a 501c(7) organization and donations are not tax deductible.

Board Members for May 2018 – April 2019:

  • President: Mary Ann Clifford (quilter4life60@gmail.com)
  • Vice President: Margaret Synan
  • Secretary: Joyce Brightbill
  • Treasurer: Caroline Nihiser (caroline.nihiser@gmail.com) and Karen Ehrhard
  • Web & Newsletter: Lynellen Perry (lynellenperry@yahoo.com)
  • Hospitality: Lucy Tremblay and Tina Zook
  • Workshops: Karen Ehrhard and Tracy Day
  • Programs: Linda Kaup (ljkaup@gmail.com)
  • Membership: Meda Raynor and Sheila Johnson

Committee Members:

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