About the Guild

Virginia Star Quilt Guild is a 501c(7) organization and donations are not tax deductible.

Board Members 2020-21

President:  Karen E

Vice President:  Tracy D

Secretary:  Nancy S

Treasurer:  Daisy W

Web/Social Media:  Karen J

Newsletter:  Tina E

Workshops:  Mary Ann C

Membership:  Karen J

Programs:  Linda K and Pam C

Committee Members 

Caroline County Fair: Diane L

Expo: Diane L

Heart and Soul Sewing and Quilting: Sheila J

Outbreak Quilts: Sharon F and Barb B

Raffle Quilt: Diane L and Nancy Sw

Retreat: Linda K and Shirley K

Military Quilts: Karen J and Linda K

Quilt Show: Margaret S

Virginia State Fair: Mary Ann C and Diane L

Sunshine: Barbara H

Hospitality:  Diane L and Nancy Sw

Email articles, recipes, and tips for the newsletter to: vastarquilts@gmail.com

VSQ, PO Box 1405, Fredericksburg, VA 22402


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