February Message from the President

Peace, Love and Bonnie Hunter!

That is our wish for everyone this month!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Thank you all for the lovely get well wishes and birthday cards. Although facebook and technology provides instant messages… there is just something comforting about real physical gratification. It may have something to do with my lack of technical mastery…lol!

I so grateful on a daily basis for all of the talent and hard work that our members use for the guild and the community. The invaluable lessons we all learn keeps us humble. The Go/Give attitude you all have continually amazes me.

Although your generosity is appreciated, there are a few housekeeping items we need to get thru before our special guest comes in JUST UNDER TWO WEEKS! All monies should have been collected and accounted for by now. If you are on a committee and need reimbursement, please submit your receipts now!

As always, any cash collected on behalf of the activities of the guild should have been issued a receipt if paid in cash! Funds are deposited thru the committee member by the treasurer to the guild account. Any expenditures require a receipt to be reimbursed by the treasurer. For those who paid by a cleared check…this was a receipt. If your check does not clear…you are not considered to be a member in good standing. Please see the committee chair.

Over the next months we will go into more details. Please, feel free to call and volunteer with your favorite committee members who love to chat or catch up about all that is exciting!

I bring all these matters up so we can expedite the meeting and avoid any unpleasant experiences. Thank you so much for working to improve our guests and new members experiences!

I am so excited. For those who have never seen the Quiltville trunk show and lecture, you won’t want to miss a minute!

For our more seasoned members, there are plenty of new books and gorgeous quilts to make this a night to remember.

As of today, the change in venue was tabled. The ideas brought before the board were that there were over 150 chairs for the capacity of the current Lee Hill site. The lecture/workshop committee will send out a more thorough explanation.

The basic idea for this is that a change within the last two weeks would confuse the VSQ members. Of course we would have and will ensure that members will be allowed in first. There will be reserved seating for those members and the workshop participants. If you have asked about guests, we hope to have enough room to accommodate them after that. It was discussed that you may want to have folding chairs in your trunk, in case we run out of chairs.

We will have the workshop meeting on Wednesday until 5pm. Bonnie will have items for sale afterwards. We will have sign up tables out also.

Once the meeting is called to order, there will be a brief business announcement and welcome to guest and new members. We want to give Bonnie as much time as possible so I stress BRIEF, just the basics, please.

In order for everyone to enjoy the lecture, with no interruptions, all talk and business suspends once the meeting is called to order!

Immediately following the workshop the building will be closed to allow for the set up. The members and participants of the workshop will be allowed in first. To follow the fire code and capacity there will be one entrance used and space left open for an orderly manner of seating. Should we need the full capacity to accommodate guests, there may be a standing area… if we run out of chairs.

I anticipate that this will be a fun few days and everyone will enjoy it. Thanks to Tracy and Karen for all of the planning and follow thru!

Please be sure to tell everyone how much you enjoy the benefits of their contributions! We are so blessed to have happy, hardworking and co-operative committees. They have volunteered to continue on board, if all goes well. I plan on supporting that as much as possible!

There are a couple of board members with health and family issues that will be changing as heads of committees but they will co-chair or volunteer to steer any new members who wish to serve. Please call me as soon as possible if you can serve so we can add your name to the nominations. Thanks in advance for making these some of the best memories!

We have Nancy and Diane’s March presentation on folded ornaments and a possible memory quilt lecture from Linda for April.

Thanks to Mercy and Judy for Our Scrap a Doodle Retreat (April 15 to 18). The Expo is September this year and Diane has graciously volunteered again. We are planning our joint ventures with Stafford for a Barn Quilt Trail in Oct. Diane and Nancy also volunteered for our next year raffle quilt!

Please remember your name tags! We have lots of new faces. We will be mailing out cards for feedback (so we know how to plan and budget for next year). Please return them ASAP. As always…your suggestions for exciting experiences are welcome. Your contributions of volunteering for your favorite committees helps us provide more. Thanks in advance for our next year of fun and learning!

Sincerely yours,

Mary Ann

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