May Message from the President

Spring has flung! Summer is here!

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone. We seemed to go straight from winter to summer. It has been a really busy and fun year with so many great events and programs (Finishing Linda Hahn, Cheryl See and starting Penny Domiques, Linda Poole, Bonnie Hunter). As we turn over the board and celebrate this month, I am reminded of how many of our members have been a part of that. All parts, regardless of how small it was…are so appreciated! It takes a guild (village). Thanks! We hope to see you all at the dinner. Special thanks to those who stepped up again! Whether you were on the board or committees, I want to say thanks for all that you continue to do to make this a grrrreat (Tony the Tiger) year!

We have some exciting programs coming this year. The board and I welcome member input for new lectures/speakers and workshops. Please speak with the board members if you can volunteer for anything. We want everyone to engage and enjoy the guild. We have a special bond and more fun when we get to know you all better by spending time together. We still need a chairperson for the 2019 Quilt show.

It is time to see Meda or Shelia to renew memberships. Come early to sign up and help set up. Our dinner and ceremony start at 6 pm. Check the website for times and details! The building will open early for sewing and group projects. We are working on new outlines for our membership and workshop guidelines. Also this next month we will be ratifying our new budget. We are excited about transforming our guild into a well-oiled symphony of great artists!  Come join the fun!


Mary Ann

VSQ President

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