Twined Rugs – April 17

VSQ will host a lecture and demonstration by Heidi Kaska, a Virginia expert on Twined Rugs, which is considered a form of “braiding”.  She will speak at 7:30 PM on Wednesday April 17th, at the Lee Hill Community Center. Her lecture will include demonstrations on various ways to create a twined rug, showing us all the variants in width, color, and other elements that determine and/or influence the “look” of the rug!  She will bring  handouts on references and online sites, and will also bring with her some mini-looms which she will have for purchase.

1 thought on “Twined Rugs – April 17

  1. My wife and daughter have attended Heidi’s lecture and were very grateful! So as i may say – i recommend everyone interested in braiding to visit Heidi’s meetings. She is a person who knows a lot on twined rugs! Lewis from Woodbridge


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