January 2018 Game Night during regular general meeting

We will have several games tonight. YOU MUST bring at least two fat quarters with you to play.



 Materials for 1 (10 1/2″) card

 Each fabric must be chosen from one of the categories listed and should be easily identified (i.e., leaf should be mostly leaf and not also contain floral or geometric shapes).

Use a black solid/tone on tone for the center square.

Each participant may have up to three cards. First Card played is free. Entry fee of One Fat Quarter for each additional card will be required.

Plan to bring 20-25 buttons for each card you are playing.


Fabric Choices:














*1930s print



5 (2 1/2″) squares assorted yellow and orange prints

5 (2 1/2″) squares assorted red prints

5 (2 1/2″) squares assorted blue prints

5 (2 1/2″) squares assorted green prints

4 (2 1/2″) squares assorted pink and purple prints

1 (21/z”) square black solid or tone on tone.


Block Assembly

  1. Referring to photos of blocks, join 5 yellow/orange print squares to make 1 row. In the same manner, make 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 green row.
  1. Join 2 pink/purple squares. Make 2 pink/purple pairs. Join one pink/ purple pair to each side of black square to complete pink/purple row.
  1. Join rows, placing pink/purple row in center, to complete 1 Bingo Game Card block.

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