April Message from the President

April showers bring May’s flowers. This month’s election is rapidly approaching.

Be sure to sharpen your pencils and show up to vote. We have some wonderful new additions along with our perennial blooms. I would like to say a special thanks to you all…you know who you are! You serve selflessly and give generously. When asked you stepped up and seized the day!  This month’s elections will be ran by Shirley and Elizabeth. I know you are all disappointed that my voice is in conservation mode. Lol.

A reminder that we start refreshments during our early social at 6:30 this meeting so we can jump right into the business and expedite our business and voting. Our program is a special 🔊 speaker who has a new way to use our scraps and stash to loom pieces. I am excited to hear and see her!

Linda has more info.

Next month holds so much for all of the members! It is our installation dinner at 6pm. Billie will be sharing a QOV program for us earlier in the day. Look for her emails. Linda, Sheila and the Saints are leading the charge for our boutique during the Early Byrd’s rise that morning. Check it out and join the fun making items for The State Fair of VA.!

The Quilt shows are leading the way down the tracks to the next events. We sold more raffle tickets and DC was fun! Thanks to Margaret, Lynellen and Delphine for the company and help. Thanks to Lynellen for being the the hands and feet to get the quilts up and posted to our site. More fun and events are slated and we have some time to chat this upcoming meeting to get everyone together for the upcoming shows. Remember that you can still donate to the show which makes you eligible for the secondary prizes and ribbons. We will have the calendars at the meetings and will be ongoing recruitment mode for the fair booth. We will be tweaking the coverage to have ample opportunity for you all to enjoy the food and exhibits during your days also. See Margaret , Sheila and myself as you can ASAP. Thanks for your help and time with this big fundraiser for the causes.

The raffle quilt gets drawn at this year’s October date and we will be already going on the next! We still need all hands availability for the next year’s quilt committee. Let Sheila, Margaret, Shirley or myself know if we can add you to a fond spot to serve.

The Program and Workshops are combining with a fun new moniker. They will tell more about it at the elections. Thanks for really knowing how to work as the AAA team you all are! They have fun and excitement waiting for you all to jump onboard!

I am going to be spending more time in Ohio soon. I will miss all of you and your fun and loving faces. You have to keep up and come out to see us. Thanks so much for all that you have shared. Your kindness and support are the real meaning of love and gracious Southern hospitality. May you all receive that which you have given, shaked down , multiplied and returned to you in generous measures!

Take care..may we share the wind at our back and our sails full steam ahead!

May the roads be gentle and the hill be gorgeous “Out Your Windows”!

Until we meet again….

                                       Mary Ann Clifford

                                        VSQ President

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